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Article Terms

  1. Not infringe the intellectual property rights of others.
  2. Unique, owned by you, not copied, or plagiarized.
  3. Not contain offensive or obscene words or incitement to violence and hatred.
  4. Valuable and provide correct information to the reader.
  5. Not less than 250 words, and not more than 2500 words.
  6. Well organized and formatted.
  7. Not contain grammatical or spelling errors. (We suggest using Grammarly Application)
  8. Not contain unwanted or undue repetition.
  9. Content should not be repeated in more than one language in the same article.
  10. Not contain suspicious links.
  11. The Article image must be clear, and expressive of the topic of the article, and not belongs to another site.
  12. Contains the references you use at the bottom of the article.


You will earn money through views, the more readers view your article, the more money you will earn.

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To earn money from views, the reader must stay in the article for no less than 15 seconds, so make sure that your article is interesting and attractive.

If the same reader views your article more than once, you will only be counted as view every 24 hours.

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Payment Methods

Withdrawal Method Minimum Withdrawal Amount
Perfect Money $1.00000
Payeer $1.00000
AirTM $3.50000
ADVCASH $3.50000
Vodafone Cash $5.00000
بريد الجزائر $5.00000
فليكسي $5.00000
PayPal $10.00000
Bitcoin $100.00000
Western Union $150.00000
Bank Transfer $250.00000

Payout Rates

Country Earnings per 1000 Views
Canada $5.00000
New Zealand $5.00000
Sweden $5.00000
Turkey $5.00000
Netherlands $5.00000
Iceland $5.00000
Spain $5.00000
Kuwait $5.00000
Belgium $5.00000
South Africa $5.00000
United Arab Emirates $5.00000
United Kingdom $5.00000
Bahrain $5.00000
United States $5.00000
Norway $5.00000
Italy $5.00000
Austria $5.00000
Australia $5.00000
Denmark $5.00000
Saudi Arabia $5.00000
Venezuela $5.00000
Oman $5.00000
Guadeloupe $5.00000
Greenland $5.00000
Marshall Islands $5.00000
Germany $5.00000
Qatar $5.00000
Finland $5.00000
France $5.00000
Switzerland $5.00000
Worldwide Deal(All Countries) $2.00000
Indonesia $0.75000
Korea, Republic of $0.75000
Thailand $0.75000
Vietnam $0.75000
Israel $0.75000
Yemen $0.75000
Iran(Islamic Republic of) $0.75000
India $0.75000
Korea, Democratic People's Republic of $0.75000
Russian Federation $0.01000