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Tricks to get rid of overheating ... Now you can know with me the best tips for permanent cold weather.

The best tricks to overcome overheating:

In the most countries there is so hot weather especially in this period. Many people are trying to adapt the high temperature. Weather experts expected that the high temperature in the coming period may negatively affect human health because of its harmful effect on the skin and its dryness as well as problems in Nervous system. So, in this article you can have some solutions and know the correct behavior to avoid the harmful effect of high temperature.

Things you can do to overcome the hot weather:

• Putting cold compresses on the pulse points of the human body (such as the radial, humeral, femoral, back of the foot, and temporal region), because these areas have a higher temperature than the rest of the body.

• Eating vegetables and fruits in adequate quantity especially, watermelon and cantaloupe because they are rich in water.

• Drinking cold or iced natural drinks, as they cool and refresh the body.

• Reduce caffeine such as coffee, tea and Nescafe, and also reduce spices. Especially, hot spices such as pepper, because they raise body heat and increase feeling with thirsty.

Wearing cotton clothes with light-colors as white because they reflect the sun's rays.

• Reduce the intake of food that contains fats or sugars because they lead to a rise in body temperature.

• Avoid going out in the afternoon hours, especially among the elderly because of their low immunity in comparison with the young people.

• Stay calm, relax, and stay away from tension and anger.

• Take a cold bath when you wake up, as it refreshes the body and helps to overcome the heat of the air. It is also recommended before bed, as it is the best solution to avoid high temperature during sleep and sleep with moisture as well.

• Open all windows at night to let cool air in, renew the air, and lower the temperature in the house. It is preferable not to open the window in the afternoon because the air inside the house becomes hot.


Thus, we have explained to you about tricks to get rid of the high temperature in the body and in the environment around us. Thank you for reading.

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